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TETRA Portable Radios








The CEP400 leverages advanced capabilities to deliver the reliable and robust communications platform required by oil and gas, utilities, hospitality, transportation and other commercial businesses.



1 Programmable rotary knob for volume control and scrolling through to talkgroups
2 Easy to locate emergency button – situated next to the base of the antenna
3 Loud speaker

4 Large, textured PTT button and programmable side keys
5 Patented helical GPS antenna integrated into TETRA antenna
6 130x130 pixels display with 65, 536 vivid colours.
7 Loudspeaker button
8 Lower microphone – activated during phone calls
9 Programmable arrow keys for fast access to key functions
10 Upper microphone – used during group calls




MTC100 TETRA Handheld Computer. Safe. Secure. Reliable.

Public Safety, Local Government, Transportation, Utilities and many other user groups are all adopting
TETRA as the first choice for critical communication needs.

The MTC100 offers a host of features designed to enhance the productivity and effectiveness of its
users. Offering multi-mode wireless connectivity users can be connected to enterprise data where
and when needed.
For mobile users in the field, TETRA provides a secure wide-area data bearer – whether accessing
databases or submitting field reports. The optional WiFi capability also allows connection to your
wireless LAN where available, providing flexibility in access to mobile information.


Key Features
• Integrated TETRA Modem for Wide Area communications
• Real-time secure access to information sources to enhance decision making and reporting
• Windows Mobile® 5 OS with security and messaging enhancements
• Secure applications environment offers device management and data protection
• Ruggedised platform meeting IP54 and MIL STD810-F specs to ensure reliable operation in working environments





ECL’s Next Generation Radio network employs the most successful global radio technology ever to be designed. The highly acclaimed Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) has been deployed in over 1500 contracts, in all 5 continents and is used in the biggest integrated network in Europe enabling roaming across borders. The radio system has delivered outstanding new capabilities to millions of clients and the economies of scale help to keep pricing down for high tech products. TETRA has done for radio what GSM did for cellular telephony. While not quite the same technology, the concept for TETRA is best demonstrated in the USA under the name iDen by Nextel.



ECL’s Next Generation Radio network delivers the following features:

Press To Talk - conversation in normal radio mode
Individual Talk – talk privately one to one
Interconnect Mode – Use the radio as if it was a cell phone. Full duplex cellular quality speech. It can be connected to its own BTC number or your PBX.
Voice mail for inter-connect calls and individual calls.
SDS – text messaging.
WAP – Wireless Application Protocol enables business applications to be delivered to the handset or in vehicle mobile.
Low speed data connectivity – ideal for occasional, emergency or secure use such as credit card lines. A host of security, alarm, temperature tracking and logging applications are available.
The most modern handsets and vehicle mobiles can have GPS built in to manage corporate dispatch.
Point to Point mode - Direct Mode Operation for use in ships, tunnels or for private groups such as hotels. A limited communication capability is retained even if the entire network was destroyed.
The network is secure.

Additional unique features depending on handset:

Vibracall alerting, text and voice messaging
Gateway from building site, hotel or boat into the main network.. Ideal for extending range or coverage from otherwise impossible locations.
Canned messaging capability – use in dispatch, Police, Fire, taxis, hotel etc.
Radio and phone directory, just like a cell phone and includes caller ID.
The radios automatically reduce power to extend battery life just like a cell phone.
Emergency button to call dispatch, all users in a group or emergency services.




Motorola MTP850

The MTP850 is Motorola’s latest TETRA portable terminal for mission critical mobile voice and data communications. By delivering fully integrated voice and data services it ensures users have access to up to date intelligence, enabling them to make truly informed decisions.
New users to the Operational Market who require a more ergonomically friendly product.
To support these new features and future enhancements, the terminal uses the latest chip set technology and offers:
Greater memory capacity.
Faster operation - with all the additional features and functionality, the user will not notice any difference in speed of operation when compared to the previous generation of terminals.
The increased battery life of the chip set is offset by the increased activity of the terminal, i.e. Built in GPS receiver sending terminal location messages.


Personnel Safety

Personal protection for staff is simply too important to be left to the individual. The MTP850 has been designed to protect users, with its high quality voice calls, large emergency button and its revolutionary location solution. The integrated satellite (GPS) location service provides the ability to automatically transmit user location direct to a dispatcher**. Ensuring lifethreatening situations are identified, located and resources allocated quickly.

Secure Communications

Maintaining private and secure communications is increasingly important, with potentially sensitive information flowing back and forth. With this in mind the MTP850 has been designed to support the highest level of secure protection, from its integrated end-to-end encryption module to Motorola’s industry leading key management facility.





Motorola’s MTP850Ex TETRA portable terminal provides high quality communication with comprehensive user safety and class leading ATEX specifications allowing use when in environments containing potentially explosive gas and dust. Motorola is a world leader in the development and deployment of TETRA communication solutions, and the MTP850Ex ATEX TETRA radio delivers safe and reliable communications for users with a powerful set of features to harness the capability of TETRA.


High Performing Communication
Strong rugged design for optimum reliability in harsh conditions
Powerful, high quality audio in most demanding environments
Full range of supporting ATEX certified accessories to tailor customize solution

Comprehensive User Safety
ATEX & IEC-Ex gas and dust approvals
Integrated GPS for user location

High Performance Communication
The MTP850Ex delivers best in class audio performance in the typical noisy environments where specialist users from industry or public safety operate.




Motorola’s MTP810Ex TETRA portable terminal provides high quality communication with comprehensive user safety and class leading ATEX specifications allowing use when in environments containing potentially explosive gas and dust. Motorola is a world leader in the development and deployment of TETRA communication solutions, and the MTP810Ex ATEX TETRA radio delivers safe and reliable communications for users with a powerful set of features to harness the capability of TETRA.






Covert TETRA Terminal Design to Match the Mission

Motorola is a world leader in the development and deployment of TETRA communication solutions, and
the new Discreet TCR1000 Covert TETRA Radio from Motorola is the smallest, full function body worn TETRA radio available.


Key Features:

• Part of Motorola’s highly capable and industry leading TETRA Radio portfolio
• Secure Communication for safety and protection of information
• TMO TETRA Class 2 / 3 Air Interface Encryption (SCK, CCK, DCK, GCK)
• Air Interface Encryption
• End-End Encryption
• 1W, Class 4 Tx Power
• Whisper mode for discrete use
• Integrated GPS option that allows users to be located in need of assistance
• Wide range of covert accessories to give officers flexibility in the way the radio can be worn
• Connection to extension battery for increased operational life
• Uses the same standard battery as cellular handsets
• CPS-Lite facility for changing the talk groups with a TETRA PDA
• Unique body worn double-loop antenna option increases range
• Semi rigid antenna, adds flexibility in terms of how the radio can be worn





MTP830 S TETRA Radio

Motorola’s MTP830 S TETRA portable radio is the ideal choice when working in extreme conditions. This radio delivers premium performance, whilst combining louder audio and enhanced erogonomics with simplified controls, allowing fire fighters and other first responders to focus on the task at hand.

Motorola is a world leader in the development and deployment of business critical communications solutions, and the MTP830 S defines a new benchmark in professional handheld communications


Simplified controls: Enlarged rotary knob, to allow for better radio glove-friendly functionality, thus allowing for easier control talk-group and volume settings.

Specialist accessories: Operating a radio under protective clothing can be challenging. Through our partnerships with world leading accessory suppliers, we’ve made this easier by ensuring that the MTP830 S can safely inter-operate with a wide range of specialist audio and push-to-talk equipment.

Man Down detector: This allows an emergency alert signal to be triggered at your control room when the radio exceeds preset motion timer and tilt angle thresholds.

Advanced GPS: You can configure the MTP830 S to send location reports when the emergency button is pressed – helping your control room staff coordinate a response more efficiently.

Automatic accessory sensing: The MTP830 S automatically adjusts audio settings based on pre-loaded profiles for detected accessories. It also enables you to select the best audio profile for different working environments.

Configurable user interface: You should not need to go through multiple key presses to get to the functions you need. With its configurable user interface, the MTP830 S helps keep button presses to a minimum.

Extended Operational Range: The combination of a highly sensitive RF receiver and transmission power that is adjustable to 1.8W provides extended operational range, helping you stay connected wherever work takes you.

Rugged Design: IP55 ingress protection means the MTP830 S is extremely weather resistant – giving you the robustness you require in a radio.




TETRA Mobile Radios




The MTM700 further reinforces Motorola’s focus and ongoing commitment to developing high quality, highly durable TETRA solutions for operational users in mission-critical or communication-vital environments.
The performance of Motorola’s second generation MTM700 radio builds upon the excellent functionality of our first generation MTM300. The MTM700 is complimented by the MTP700 portable radio. The mobile has been developed for the professional user who requires full integration of voice, data and encryption in one unit.

Durability and robustness are paramount on the MTM700, it has passed our extremely rigorous Motorola
Accelerated Life Testing which guarantees reliability, durability and extreme robustness.

Superior audio specifications provide the users with crisp, clear sound. The audio quality is further enhanced by a range of high performance audio accessories.

The fundamental features of the MTM700 are easy to access by logical controls:
• Large, clear graphical display
• Three programmable keys – allow
immediate operation of your most important features (excluding Motorcycle version)
• Dedicated emergency button

High performance data capability with short and packet data connectivity enables the MTM700 to interface fully with external devices facilitating a wide range of value added applications. The data box version has been specifically developed to provide easy interconnectivity for data applications.

Five different variations of the MTM700 are available to suit specific operational needs: the dashboard mount, remote mount, desktop mount, motorcycle version and data box.

The latest processor technology provides upgrade capability which helps to guarantee that your mobile
will always have the most up to date features.


Accessories include:
•Fist microphone
•Desktop microphone
•Telephone style handset with hang-up cup
•Choice of antennas
•Specialist accessories
•Data cable
•Visor microphone
•Key lock mount
•Desktop tray
•Desktop power supply
•RS232 data adapter cable
•Ignition sense kit
•External speaker 13 watts
•Compact external speaker 5 watts




CM5000 TETRA Gateway / Repeater

Maximise system performance in mission critical applications Motorola’s CM5000 TETRA DMO Gateway
/ Repeater, developed in conjunction with Cleartone, the leading provider of TETRA Gateway/Repeater technology, enhances TETRA radio performance and usability in locations where coverage is compromised. Inside buildings, underground locations or where handheld radio coverage is limited, the CM5000 can extend the reach of TETRA systems.


Key Benefits Include:
Multiple operating modes delivering powerful TETRA mobile services
• Standard 5W TETRA Mobile
• DMO Gateway, extending network coverage
• DMO Repeater, enhancing Direct Mode performance
Proven capability & feature set
• Enhanced Data Performance
• Multi-slot packet data provides rapid access to information Integrated GPS option
• Enhance efficiency through ability to locate resources
• Locate users in need of assitance Common User Interface
• Common keys and menu structures as other Motorola TETRA terminals
• simplifies user training Comprehensive, flexible installation options
• DIN Compatible, available in dash mount and Remote Head Common accessory portfolio
• Shared accessories with other Motorola mobile platforms




MTM 800 TETRA Mobile Terminal

The MTM 800 is Motorola’s latest TETRA mobile terminal and is part of the new platform for mission critical mobile voice and data communication. By delivering fully integrated voice and data services it ensures users have access to up to date intelligence, enabling them to make truly informed decisions.


• Group call – TMO/DMO
- Late Entry
- Group call via DMO Gateway
- TMO / DMO Talkgroup mapping
- Talk Group INDEX entry dialing via Keypad
- Hidden Talkgroups
• Direct Mode (DMO)
- DMO Gateway compatibility
- DMO Repeater compatibility
• Announcement Talk Group call
• Smart Emergency call - TMO / DMO (including “Hot Mic” option in TMO)
- to selected group, pre-defined group, including Emergency
Status Message
- to individual or telephone/PABX subscriber
• Dynamic Group Number Assignment (DGNA) - (up to 2047 Groups)
- Accept DGNA assignment with attachment
• Local site trunking
• Scanning
- Background Scanning (Always Scan)
- Scan group attachment signaling
- Scan on/off status
- Support SwMI initiated attachment/detachment
• Talking Party Identification
• Priority Monitor
• Site Wide Call
• Half duplex/full duplex operation
• Flexible dialling (list scroll, short number dial, direct entry, alphabetic search, last number called)
• Loud/discreet audio mode (via optional handset)
• Calling line Identification Presentation
• Busy User Pre-emption (Pre-emption Priority Call – PPC)
• Full duplex operation
• Hands free operation
• Flexible dialling (list scroll, direct dial, alphabetic search, speed dial, onetouch dial, last number redial)
• DTMF overdial
• Calling line Identification Presentation
• Busy User Pre-emption (Pre-emption Priority Call – PPC)




MTM5400 TETRA MOBILE RADIO Enabling Current and Future Critical Communications


Key Benefits Include
Extended Operational Range
• Up to 10W transmit power, with class leading receiver sensitivity delivers comprehensive network coverage
• Integrated DMO Gateway, DMO Repeater capabilities ensure secure and resilient communications where needed most.
Superior Audio Performance
• Next generation audio architecture delivering the loudest and clearest audio performance of any Motorola TETRA mobile available on the market*
High Speed Data Connectivity
• TEDS Ready hardware - with a simple software license upgrade, enables 20x faster data connectivity for accessing back-office systems and databases.
• Integrated USB 2.0 PEI, enabling rapid radio programming and standardised interfacing to
data terminals and accessories. For additional flexibility, USB host and slave modes are also supported
Low User Migration Costs
• Familiar cellular style user interface and VGA colour display for enhanced usability and reduced staff
training costs
• Same user interface as market proven MTP850 portable and MTM800 Enhanced mobile radios
• Re-use of MTM800 Enhanced accessories using GCAI connector
Enhanced End to End Encryption Options
• Integrated hardware for SIM based end to end encryption
• Universal Crypto Module option
*Assuming the appropriate audio accessory is used.
Advanced Terminal Management
• USB 2.0 interface for fast radio programming via Motorola’s integrated Terminal Management solution
• Over-The-Air terminal management capability
• Background Programming allows the radio to be programmed whilst staying fully functional Flexible Installation Options
• Fully DIN-A compatible and available in Dash, Desk, Remote Head and Motorcycle mount formats
• Supports multiple control heads - an ideal solution for installations in trains, ambulances and fire vehicles where more than one control point might be required
• Works seamlessly with existing MTM800 Enhanced control heads
Rugged Design with Exceptional Reliability
• Includes IP67 control head option, for exposed and challenging environments
• Front and Rear rugged GCAI connector for reliable connection of audio and data peripheral equipment
• Mobile radio and accessories are performance matched for enhanced reliability



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